Paul Moses’ pictures are a precise entanglement of opposite elements intending to produce a confusion in the sensory perception of the viewer. They result from the intricate combination of painting, photography and ultimately drawing in such way it becomes impossible, at first glance, to comprehend which of these three technics have been used. It is about paying attention to unravel the true nature of the work, to break through the veil of illusion and/or prejudices (which often goes hand in hand) about it.

Once understood that it is a drawing, opposition fall into places: what seemed to be an infinitely reproductible photograph becomes a unique drawing, what looks like a swiftly executed symbol becomes a pencil reproduction in which time suddenly dilates, what seems to be a volume of wet and shiny paint melts into a surface of flat, dry and matt graphite. In these pictures, abstract becomes hyperrealist, movement becomes stillness, spontaneity becomes anticipation, reality becomes illusion.


Broedplaats VKG 2:55
Wibautstraat 150
1091 GR Amsterdam


— From 11th December 2020 until 28th February 2021.



Tweede Tuindwarsstraat 4

1015 RZ Amsterdam

— 20/21/22nd November 2020.

Salon International d’Art Contemporain ART3F de Bruxelles.



Brussels Expo – Heysel Palais 1

1020 Brussels

— 18/19/20th September 2020.

ReMo is a hybrid space dedicated to performance, visual, sound, textile and culinary arts in Amsterdam Noord.



Slijperweg 7

1032KT Amsterdam Noord