— A Virtual Space In Between.

Icould not begin otherwise than wishing you, visitor, a warm welcome. And it would be incomplete without adding that I also thank you for passing by and taking the time to read those few words or even those few posts. This is my very first one. You might have noticed that this page is called ATELIER and not BLOG as one would expect. I believe it is of some importance to explain the reason of this title.

Let’s begin with the word itself. ‘Atelier’, in French, and curiously enough in Dutch as well, means ‘Workshop’. This page is thus a virtual extension of my working place, this intimate location in which my ideas come into the physical reality; into the drawings that I make. My purpose here is to actually share with you a bit of this sacred space of mine, a bit of this laboratory in which the creative process is taking place. But it can’t be only that. You will allow me a digression, will you? I knew you would.

I perceive the Internet as an ever fascinating entity. Without moving from the chair one’s sitting on can one check how big the waves are on the other side of the planet. I am myself not a surfer. But this fact remains nonetheless an amusing and very curiosity triggering one to me. We now have the whole planet and its ever expanding diversity brought to us on a tiny little screen. But furthermore, I believe that the Web gives also access to parts of the world within of those who are using it to express themselves —for that matter I think that Tumblr has been, and still is, an excellent platform. People of all ages and from all over the world, by cherry picking and displaying such image, such song, or even such gif, provide the world with some content of their psyche in this virtual space that is as huge as it is intangible. The World Wide Web is this place which connects our souls together. And it becomes, bits by bits, a reflection of the Soul of the World as Carl Jung conceived it. Unlimited, ever expanding and as real and ungraspable as any of yours or my fantasies. And just like our own soul has its Shadow, there is a Dark Web too. Carl Jung also said, in an interview to the U.S television, that one should not be mistaken about the actual reality of those fantasies. After all, every single thing that man has brought to this world did begin as an image in one’s head.

What I mean with all this is that I see this page as a virtual link between my physical workshop in which I draw and the psychological one in which my ideas spring, grow, blossom, sometimes die and sometimes make it all the way to reality. This is the place in which I will expose my technic, but also the texts and ideas which are feeding my process as well as my own texts and ideas. I foresee this page as the place in which I will share with you and with the world a little piece of my Soul.